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GPW offers facilities and resources for storage and inventory management, together with resources for the delivery of goods and products, in addition to

the 3PL warehouse and fulfillment services that we provide (conditions applied). We have specialized facilities that are built for the purpose of handling and storing inventory; these facilities play an important part in the supply chain of several different companies.We are aware of the significance of effective management of inventory and the influence that this may have on the operations of a company as well as the level of satisfaction that it can inspire in its clientele. We make use of a cloud-based 3PL warehouse management system (WMS) that gives customers a real-time view of their items in stock around the clock, seven days a week so that they are constantly aware of the location of their products and the quantity that they have available. This system helps eliminate delays in the logging of inventory, lost items, and a lack of visibility, all of which can have a detrimental impact on the company as well as on its consumers. We guarantee that if a client’s property is damaged in any way while it is being stored at GPW’s 3pl center, they will be refunded in full and not be required to answer any additional questions.

What are our Warehouse services?

Storage: Providing secure and safe facilities to store goods and products.

Inventory management: Tracking inventory levels and managing stock levels to ensure that products are available when needed.

Order fulfillment: Picking and packing orders and shipping products to customers

Distribution: Coordinating the movement of goods and products to and from the warehouse.

Value-added services: Providing additional services such as product labeling, assembly, kitting, and quality control

We are offering all the warehousing services you need.

Accurate Pick, Pack & Ship
Fast Inbound Receiving
Same Day Fulfillment
Zero Inventory Shirinkage

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We seamless communication you can monitor your orders and manage inventory from anywhere, at anytime

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